Strive to Learn was recently ranked among the Best SAT and ACT Prep Centers in OC by CBS!

Our Commitment to Education

Josefine and RubenWe believe that everyone should always continue to Strive to Learn. Whether you are in kindergarten and just learning the alphabet, struggling with reading and spelling in elementary school, taking challenging AP classes in high school, wanting additional support in college, or simply craving to learn something new to enrich your personal and professional life, Strive to Learn is the tutoring service for you!

We pride ourselves on being an incredibly personalized tutoring center offering the most individualized tutoring services you will find in Orange County. We foster deep and lasting relationships between tutors and students as well as parents and Strive to Learn’s founder Josefine.

About the Founder

Strive to Learn was created by Josefine Borrmann, who first became a tutor as a way to put herself through college. What started as a necessity soon turned into a passion. Today, Josefine herself tutors over 15 subjects and incorporates the knowledge she has gained in her professional studies to create an inspiring and conducive learning environment. Josefine’s employees go through extensive training led and designed by her so that they, too, have the expertise to assist you or your child to always Strive to Learn.


Josefine has been an amazing tutor! I’ve been getting As on all my papers and tests! Because of her ability to tutor in various subjects, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!

(Shikha B., Undergraduate Spanish Tutoring)

IMG_1799Josefine’s Credentials:

  • MA in Visual Anthropology (Free University of Berlin, 2013)
  • BA in Visual Anthropology (Chapman University, 2011)
  • BA in Psychology (Chapman University, 2011)
  • Seven months of SAT, ACT, and TOEFL training (2012)
  • Eight years of private tutoring experience in various subjects for levels K-12 and adult (2005 – current)

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At Strive to Learn we pride ourselves on being one of the most personalized tutoring centers in Orange County. We foster deep and lasting relationships between tutors and students as well as parents and our founder Josefine.

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