Tutoring & Test Prep

Our prices drop depending on how many hours you pre-pay. This way, we can ensure a discount for our long-term clients. Once you have achieved a discounted rate, it transfers to all other types of tutoring, and you never lose your discount. The pre-paid balance is non-refundable, but never expires and is transferable to other types of tutoring and to siblings.


10% off if you prepay 10 hours

15% off if you prepay 15 hours

20% off if you prepay 20 hours


SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and GRE Prep: $80 – $130 per hour

Regular Instruction: $100 per hour

Founder Instruction: $130 per hour


K-12 Regular Subject Tutoring: $60 – $90 per hour

Regular Instruction: $75 per hour

Founder Instruction: $90 per hour


AP, IB, and College Level Tutoring: $68 – $100 per hour

Regular Instruction: $85 per hour

Founder Instruction: $100 per hour


College Counseling

Current Seniors:

This late in the game, it is crunch time. Therefore, the pricing below does not apply to seniors who are applying for Fall 2018 and start the counseling process with us after September 1, 2017. Instead, these seniors will be able to take advantage of all of our services at an hourly rate of $130 for essay coaching and college counseling (list building, consulting, assessments, application timelines, scholarship info, etc.). The discounts that apply to tutoring do not apply to college counseling or essay coaching.


Current Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen:

Freshman Year                                                                   Sophomore Year


Unlimited emails, calls, and texts                                     → Unlimited emails, calls, and texts

→ Build 4-year academic plan                                                 → Review 4-year academic plan

→ Build extracurricular activities list                                  → Review extracurricular activities list

→ Start resumé                                                                                 → Career assessment

→ Learning styles assessment                                                 → Build resumé

→ Personality assessment                                                         → Build standardized testing timeline

→ Study skills assistance                                                            → Explore possible majors and careers

→ Explore good-fit colleges                                                      → Plan college visits

→ Learn about summer options                                              → Learn about college fairs

Junior Year                                                                           Senior Year


→ Unlimited emails, calls, and texts                                      → Unlimited emails, calls, and texts

→ Review 4-year academic plan                                             → Review graduation requirements

→ Review extracurricular activities list                              → Finalize resumé

→ Build resumé                                                                                 → Review your testing plan and results

→ Review standardized testing timeline                           → Finalize good-fit college list

→ Narrow your major and career options                        → Review college entrance requirements

→ In-depth college research                                                     → 2 essay sessions of one hour each

→ Narrow down list of good-fit colleges                           → Assist with application deadlines and

→ Review your college applications                                            time management

→ Discuss your college visits                                                    → Review your financial aid applications

→ Review college entrance requirements                                (FAFSA and CSS)

→ Plan letters of recommendation                                        → Ensure all transcripts, letters of

→ Assist with Naviance and school requirements              recommendation, and test scores are  


Our services above are guidelines, not limitations. The timeline may differ from student to student, as we take a highly individualized approach to the college application process.


College Essay Flat Rates

We absolutely love helping our students explore, deepen, and perfect their personal statements and supplemental essays. Different colleges have different writing requirements, so we have structured our pricing accordingly. Included in all of these flat rates are:

  • Initial brainstorming to experiment with ideas
  • Screenwriting techniques to bring your essay to life
    • Learn how to show your story instead of just telling us about it.
    • Bring your story to life!
    • Become a three-dimensional applicant
  • Researching techniques to learn how to write the “Why Us?” and other supplements
  • Unlimited drafts to perfect your essays

We are here to help our students become the best possible applicants they can be. We would love to help you shine through your essays.


Common App

Includes the personal statement (up to 650 words) and an additional 600 words that can be used for supplemental essays.


UC Essays

Includes four personal essays of up to 350 words each.


UC & CommonApp Combo

Includes everything offered in the Common App and UC Essays flat rates.


Supplemental Essay Add-ons

Can be used for any other essays, for example: further Common App supplements, scholarship essays, honors college application, etc.

0-600 words

601-1,200 words

1,201-2400 words

2,401 words or more


Unlimited Essay Assistance 

Includes as much essay assistance as you need. This is an unlimited flat rate that lasts through all college applications.


Please call us about our rates, we are more than happy to offer a free consultation!