Strive to Learn was recently ranked among the Best SAT and ACT Prep Centers in OC by CBS! 

We recommend to spread out your SAT or ACT prep over several weeks. However, we also know how it goes. Two weeks before the test date you realize that you have to cram a lot more than you thought! Therefore we offer one-on-one boot camps tailored to the individual student’s needs and schedule, helping you prepare as quickly and effectively as possible. However, if you have the time to study more continuously, a good way to become extremely familiar with the SAT or ACT is to purchase a package of one-on-one tutoring lessons. As part of our prep service, we provide the study materials for you.

Here is an example of a student’s bootcamp schedule, which can be individualized however you like:

  • two full-lenth practice tests per week
  • two-three one-on-one lessons per week explaining different strategies for different sections
  • two one-on-one hour tutoring sessions per week to go over mistakes made in the practice tests and work on individual weaknesses

Our approach to SAT and ACT Prep is unique in that we combine multiple educational approaches in order to create a well-rounded and deep learning experience that is tailored specifically to each student. Taking two practice tests per week gives the students the chance to become familiar with the types of questions and relax in the test setting. The one-on-one tutoring sessions are a great way for students to ask very focused questions and work on their specific weaknesses, as well as learn from the mistakes they might have made on the practice tests. We have seen that combining these three elements is the best way to tackle the SAT and ACT and raise your score significantly!

Please contact us with scheduling and pricing inquiries.