Some of our students offered to share their experiences with you:

ShikhaShikha Bansal, Senior at UCI, Majoring in Spanish 

Upper Division Spanish Literature

“Josefine has been an amazing tutor for the past few months. I’ve always struggled with Upper Division Spanish classes at UCI because it’s not my native language, but she makes it very easy to understand assignments. She not only helps me visually map out the content I don’t understand, but she teaches me new words to increase my fluency. She always makes sure that we’re on the same page and that I understand everything before we move onto the next topic. Also, her flexibility makes it very easy to schedule sessions especially around my busy schedule. But the best part is that I’ve been getting A’s on all my papers and tests! Because of her ability to tutor in various subjects, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!”


John S., Senior at Cal State Long Beach, Majoring in Nutrition

GRE Prep

Got phenomenal tutelage from Josefine! Before I called her I had no idea what the GRE entailed, and in just a few sessions she made me adroit :) Just got my scores today, and they are what I needed! Thanks Josefine!

Luc Cohen-Wanis, High School Junior (Tutoring subjects: SAT, ACT)

“I was really stressing out about the SAT and ACT before I started meeting with Josefine. She really helped me improve my SAT and ACT scores by having me create an examples bank for essays and by teaching me strategies for the critical reading section. Since these were the areas I felt the least prepared in, we focused primarily on them. Without Josefine I couldn’t have achieved being in the top 97% of the nation on the ACT, and scoring 1880 on the SAT!”

Kevin Rhee Pic

Kevin Rhee, High School Grad (Tutoring subjects: SATEssay Writing, College Application Consulting)

“Through Josefine Borrmann, my trepidation of preparing for college admissions and SAT’s were truly mitigated by her exceptional scheduled tutoring and counseling. With deliberate speed and accuracy, I was able to learn and work with her, which helped me gain acceptance to the prestigious Case Western Reserve University with numerous generous grants and scholarships. If you are considering improving your SAT scores, writing skills, and grades while fulfilling the needs to gain acceptance to your choice of university, then talk to Miss Borrmann about how you can be guided just as I was.”

Karen Lalo, Students’ Mom (Subject: English)

“My kids have been working with Josefine since first grade, over 5 years ago. My kids are not native English speakers and were struggling with reading and writing in English. Josefine helped them with their reading and spelling skills, as well as giving them a strong base for writing. By second grade, my son was already able to read with no accent and as fluently as the American kids.
Josefine is very patient with kids and gets incredibly creative when she is helping them with their Art or American History projects. Because she works with my two sons who are very different from each other, she has to adapt to each of my sons’ learning process and does so very successfully. After more than five years, with my oldest son now starting 6th grade, she is still teaching him so much and helping both of them maintain very high grades. I strongly recommend Josefine as a tutor for your kids!”


Ruben Lalo, Age 11 (Tutoring subjects: English Reading, Writing, Speaking)

“Having tutoring with Josefine is very very fun, we laugh a lot and I really progressed since we started over 5 years ago. I recommend to go to Josefine because you will make really good progress and have fun at the same time, so even though you’re working, its always fun!”